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Dambadiva Pilgrimage (11 Days – Luxury Tour)


Don’t ever miss a chance which will in turn enhance your faith in yourself and your religion. Visit a plethora of destinations which are known to be spiritually rich in India, particularly among Buddhists. Then, grab the chance!


  • During a nine-night and ten-day VIP tour to Dambadiva, which includes several destinations, you can also take part in a series of programmes
  • Sheela (observance of austerities)
  • Meditation programmes
  • Milk food (kiri ahara) poojas
  • Flowers and requisite poojas
  • Sermons
  • Almsgiving ceremonies


  • Colombo - Delhi - Varanasi

    The much-awaited experience will begin with the departure from Katunayake Airport to Delhi. You will then get on board a flight to Varanasi from Delhi Airport. On arrival at Varanasi Airport, you will be accompanied to the hotel. Marking the beginning of a meritorious journey, you will be worshipping;

    • The Sammuka Stupa
    • The Jambudvipa Sri Lanka Buddhist Temple

    Having listened to the Dhammachakka Suthraya (Damsak Pawathum) at New Mulagandhakuti Temple in the evening, you will be heading towards the hotel to spend an unforgettable night with a heart filled with spiritual thoughts.

    Hotel – The Clarks Varanasi | The Amayaa

  • Varanasi - Bodh Gaya

    You will be leaving for Varanasi, a city in the northern Indian state of Uttar Pradesh, and regarded as the spiritual capital of India. The first site to visit in Varanasi is Sarnath also known as Migadaya, where Buddha delivered his first sermon after attaining enlightenment. It is also where the Buddhist sangha first came into existence as a result of the enlightenment of his first five disciples, namely Kaundinya, Assaji, Bhaddiya, Vappa and Mahanama. The next visits will be to;

    • The Anagarika Dharmapala Museum
    • The Sarnath Museum

    In the evening, you will be accompanied to the hotel in BodhGaya for overnight stay.

    Hotel – The Residency | Oaks Bodhgaya | Mahabodhi Hotel | Dhamma Grand Hotel Resort

  • Bodh Gaya

    Early in the morning, you will be arriving at Bodh Gaya, the place where Buddha attained enlightenment, in a procession. A ‘Kiri Ahara’ puja will be held prior to observing sil.  Following the offering of ‘Ata Pirikara’,  After attending a Bodhi Puja near Jaya Sri Maha Bodhi, you will be leaving for the hotel, where the overnight will be spent.

    Hotel – The Residency | Oaks Bodhgaya | Mahabodhi Hotel | Dhamma Grand Hotel Resort

  • Bodh Gaya

    In the morning you will participate in the ‘Satsati Vandana’ (pilgrimage to the seven places where one spent seven weeks after attaining enlightenment).

    you will be visiting Durgeshwari and Senanigama sacred sites.

    The overnight stay will be at a hotel.

    Hotel – The Residency | Oaks Bodhgaya | Mahabodhi Hotel | Dhamma Grand Hotel Resort

  • Bodh Gaya - Rajgir - Vaishali

    Having spent a solemn, yet spiritual, day at Bodh Gaya, you will be heading towards Rajgir in the morning. Rajgir holds a special place in the cultural, religious, and historical landscape of India. It was in Rajgir that Buddha delivered many of his discourses, including famous Sutras. You will be reaching Pandava Caves in a chair lift passenger ropeway. The destinations to visit include;

    • The Japan Peace Pagoda
    • The Holy Eagle Peak or Griddhrakuta
    • The Bimbisara Jail
    • The Saptaparni Cave

    In the end of the visit to said destinations, you will be visiting Sri Lankaramaya, and then the Nalanda University. The University is a thriving Buddhist monastic university that attracts scholars and students from all over Asia, including India, China, Korea, Japan, Tibet, and Central Asia. The overnight stay will be at a hotel.

    Hotel – The Vaishali Residency

  • Vaishali - Kusinara

    Vaishali is mentioned in various Buddhist texts as a place where Buddha visited frequently during his lifetime. The city is associated with many important events in Buddha’s life, such as the preaching of the Mahaparinirvana Sutra and the establishment of the Bhikkhuni Sangha. The must-visit sites in Vaishali include;

    • The Relic Stupa, which is believed to contain a part of Buddha’s remains
    • The Kutagarasala

    You will then leave for Kusinara, a significant Buddhist pilgrimage site that holds immense importance in Buddhism. It is the place where Buddha attained Parinirvana, which is the final and complete cessation of suffering and the cycle of rebirth. Mahaparinirvana Stupa, which is believed to mark the exact spot where Buddha achieved Parinirvana, and several other destinations will be visited. The overnight stay will be at a hotel.

    Hotel – The Imperial | The Royal Residency

  • Kusinara - Lumbini

    A visit to Lumbini, a historically and culturally significant place located in southwestern Nepal. You will be leaving for Lumbini early in the morning, and first reaching the India-Nepal border. Following the completion of immigration and emigration affairs, you will be accompanied to the hotel, and visiting Lumbini, where queen Maya gave birth to Siddhartha Gautama. The site is one of many magnets for pilgrimage that sprang up in places pivotal to the life of the Buddha. The overnight stay will be at the hotel.

    Hotel – Bhairawa Garden Resort | Pawan Palace Hotel | Buddha Maya Gardens Hotel | Siddhartha Vilasa Hotel

  • Lumbini - Kapilavastu - Jetavana (Savath Nuwara)

    Marking the beginning of another unforgettable day, you will be heading towards the India-Nepal border for the relevant immigration-emigration related work. The next destination will be Kapilavastu, where King Śuddhodana and Queen Maya are believed to have lived, as did their son Prince Siddartha Gautama (Buddha) until he left the palace at the age of 29.

    Then it is time to experience the spirituality of Jetavana, one of the most famous of the Buddhist monasteries or viharas in India. It was the second vihara donated to Gautama Buddha after the Venuvana in Rajgir. The monastery was offered to him by his chief male patron, Anathapindika. The must-visit sites include;

    • The Jetavana Site
    • The Angulimala Stupa
    • The Anepindu Situ Maligaya

    Hotel – The Sravasti Residency

  • Savath Nuwara - Sankissa - Agra

    Beginning of the day will be marked with the departure to Sankissa in the morning. Sankissa came into prominence at the time of Buddha. According to a Buddhist source, it was thirty leagues from Savatthi. After worshipping several Sacred Sites in the city, you will be accompanied to the hotel in the evening. The overnight stay will be at the same hotel.

    Hotel – Hotel Clarks Shiraz | Ramada Plaza

  • Agra - Delhi

    The much-awaited visit to Agra, a city attracts millions of tourists every year due to its historical sites, including the stunning architecture, intricate carvings, and beautiful gardens. You will be visiting the magnificent Taj Mahal, a renowned white marble mausoleum located in Agra. It is considered one of the most beautiful and iconic monuments in the world and is recognised as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. You will then be leaving for Delhi, and arriving at the hotel. A visit to the meritorious site where Buddha preached ‘Sathara Sathipattana Sutra’ will mark the end of an unforgettable day.

    Hotel – Welcomhotel By ITC, Dwarka | Radisson Blue Hotel | Holiday Inn

  • Delhi - Colombo

    Who would say ‘no’ to a walk around a city that holds significant cultural, political, and historical importance? The unforgettable day will begin with your arrival at Delhi, the capital city of India and is one of the most historic and vibrant cities in the country. You will be worshipping the four relics that come from among 22 Buddha relics (Kapilavastu Relics), currently housed at Delhi’s National Museum. The following sites will be witnessed from the bus;

    • The India Gate
    • The Parliament
    • The President’s House

    Enjoyed? Then is the time to mark an end, albeit reluctantly. You will be arriving at Delhi Airport and get on board the flight to Katunayake Airport, with a heart filled with experiences encountered during the pilgrimage, as well as stories and histories associated with destinations. The memories of the pilgrimage and the time spent in reflection and devotion will undoubtedly lead you towards a sense of inner peace and serenity.

    Arrival at the Bandaranaike International Airport in Katunayake.



  • International, Domestic Air Ticket
  • Indian and Nepal Visa (Only Sri Lankan Passport only)
  • Accommodation in Deluxe Hotel on Double Sharing Basis with all meals
  • Transportation by AC coach
  • All Entrance Fees to the monument (Sri Lankan Passport Only)
  • Sri Lankan Speaking Guide Service
  • Expenses of personal nature like Laundry, Telephone bills, Room Service Tips etc
  • Any services or expenses not mentioned above
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